Ophthalmologists and Custom LASIK

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Do ophthalmologists recommend one custom LASIK procedure over another?

Ophthalmologists and Custom LASIK

VISX, Zyoptix and LADARVision are attractive to you if you want a more accurate, custom picture of your eye that achieves excellent results. The question is, will your ophthalmologist recommend one over the other? Does clinical ophthalmology prefer, for example, VISX to LADARVision?

The American Academy of Ophthalmology publishes clinical ophthalmology studies on their Web site, as recent as September 2005, that demonstrate custom wavefront-guided LASIK ablations and their results as compared to conventional LASIK. However, the AAO stops short of recommending one technology over another.

The decision of which technology to use is ultimately up to your ophthalmologist, who will use whatever technology he feels will give you the best results, but may offer both VISX and LADARVision, for example.

In your list of questions to ask your ophthalmologist, ask about success rates with the various technologies and the advantages and disadvantages. And remember, the diagnostic technology is only as good as the ophthalmologist who uses it, so choose your ophthalmologist first, then the technology.



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